ETickets4Hikashop is a GPLed free & open-source extension for joomla and Hikashop Starter, giving the ability to generate, send and manage electronic tickets (e-tickets) which can be verified thanks to barcodes or QR codes.

It generates pdf electornic tickets which can be printed by the buyer, and later verified with ET4HValidator and a barcode scanner.

Electronic tickets are regular Hikashop products. All it takes to make them e-tickets is to activate a checkbox and fill the event date and place. After that, every time this product is bought, a pdf file will be generated and sent with the order confirmation.

For more information, please check the documentation.

Electronic ticket Validation

The last step, the ticket verification the day of the event, is done thanks to ET4HValidation, a small java application which parses and updates xml files that can be downloaded from the product page in Hikashop

Thanks to it, verifiying an electronic ticket only needs a barcode scan ! (or typing the etickt ID by hand) You can download the jar file here and try it.

More information

You can try the extension and oreder example e-tickets on the demo page.

Need help ? Contact me !