This version now support variants, enabling you, for a same event, to propose different dates, places or fares.

It is not necessary anymore to turn all the variants into etickets, just checking the box for the main product is enough.

It is available on the download page.

After a few complaints about the extension not being able to emit pdf tickets after PayPal payments, I finally found the solution !

So here comes ETickets4Hikashop-1.0.5, which :

  • fixes the PayPal bug
  • is much lighter (1.7 MB vs 12 before, at the price of removing all fonts from TCPDF but Helvetica and Courier)
  • does not produce output to apache error logs anymore but to logs/plg_hikashop_etickets.php instead

By the way, the demo website is up to date and working again. You can buy free tickets if you want to see how the extension works on the client side or even buy 2€ dummy tickets if you want to buy me a beer ;)

ETickets4Hikashop, the e-ticket extension for Hikashop has been updated to V1.0.2.

It fixes a conflict with the invoice plugin for Hikashop, and adds a datepicker for the event date. The changelog is available on my gitorious repository.

To install it, copy the link ito the "install from URL" box in the extensions management page.

ETickets4Hikashop is now compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0.

You can download it or install it directly from (as usual, it is best to install from url because of the size of the archive)

Any feedback welcome !

Ca y est  !

La version 1.0 de mon extension de billetterie est disponible. Cela signifie qu'on peut maintenant l'utiliser en conditions réelles.

J'y ai supprimé la surcharge des classes hikashop, ce qui fait que cette extension suit facilment les mises à jour dhikashop et est compatible avec les versions 1.5 à 2.0.

Elle est disponible par téléchargement sur, mais comme elle comprend TCPDF qui est volumineuse, il vaut mieux l'installer avec l'option 'installer depuis une url' plutôt que l'uploader sur son site.

J'ai aussi rédigé une documentation détaillant par exemple la personnalisation d'un billet.

N'hésitez pas à l'essayer et me donner vos retours, ou ce que vous souhaiteriez voir dans les prochaines versions !